AACC Course Help

When you purchase your course, you will automatically be sent two emails. The first will be a confirmation of your order and the second will contain your unique referral link. These emails will look like the below:

This is the confirmation of your order and contains your unique referral link. You need to follow this link so that you can register. Sometimes, your email preferences prevent this link from being shown, in this case simply copy and paste this link into your internet browser’s address/URL bar.

This will take you to the course registration page. Register your personal information here, and be sure to note down your username and password as these are required to log into the course. Once this information has been entered, click the red ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page. The image below is a screen grab of the registration page:

You will then log into the course. Below is an image of the what you will see:

Logout, by clicking “Logout” as shown above

You can spend as long as you like completing the course. You can even complete it over a period of several settings. You can do this by clicking “Logout” and logging back in via the “E-Learning Area” button at the top of our Homepage when you are ready resume your learning.

Once all the modules have been completed, you can move onto the final assessment. Unlike the previous modules, the final assessment has a 30 minute time limit to answer 15 multiple choice questions.

Each delegate has 3 attempts to pass the course, however it is very unlikely that delegates will fail on all 3 attempts. Please note, that when all modules have been completed, it will take you back to the course dashboard. Simply click the start assessment link in the bottom right of the dashboard.

Once you start the final assessment, you cannot go back, It is important that you are sure that you want to proceed before starting the test.

If you fail all 3 attempts, simply contact us and will offer advice on how to proceed

Once you have successfully completed your final assessment, your certificate is sent through to you automatically to the email address that you provided during registration. Click the link within your email to view and save your certificate. This email also contains a confirmation of your details and your results.

The image above is the results email you will receive.  If you do not receive this, it is worth checking your SPAM or JUNK folders within your email account.

To access your Asbestos Awareness Certificate, simply click the link within the red box, as shown where you will be to view this and save to your records. If this doesn’t show up as a hyperlink, simply copy and paste this into your internet browser – take care not to miss any characters from what you are highlighting

Depending on which AACC course you complete, your Certificate will look similar to one of the examples below;

When you follow a link within your emails, you will be directed to a page where you can view, save or print out your Certificate.

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